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  • Women shown as small-time savers while men are big spenders in ‘sexist’ stock images
  • How Starling Bank’s new campaign highlights the demeaning way women are portrayed in financial…

Starling Bank

Tackling stereotypes on women and money

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  • Cotswolds village residents shocked after DNA tests show they are less than 50% British
  • DNA study reveals typically English residents are only 3 per cent British


Proving Great Britain’s diversity

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  • Turkeys are popping up in porn videos to highlight erectile dysfunction
  • Videos of turkeys are appearing on porn sites - but there’s an important reason why


Going cold turkey on porn

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  • The pop-up hostel on Australia’s Gold Coast that’s made entirely from SAND
  • The sand hostel is here for all your sand-related accommodation needs


Reimagining millennial travel

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    tonnes of sand used
  • Beer for tech – Lowe visits recycling pub
  • Supermarkets to roll out buy-back kiosks for old electronic devices


Tackling e-waste with The Trade-Inn

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  • New Global coalition launched to create vaccines, prevent epidemics
  • $460m pledged for vaccine initiative aimed at preventing global epidemics

Wellcome Trust

Outsmarting epidemics

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  • $350m
    committed by EU member states
  • Have you heard of this tax? It costs you £200 a year and will soon raise more than inheritance tax
  • Insurers fire shot across Treasury’s bows, urging chancellor Hammond not to hike insurance premium tax again


Halting another unfair tax hike

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  • ‘Money makes money’: Uganda’s Tarantino raises funds with rap
  • Meet the Ugandan community who made a parody rap video to attract investors

Communities for Development

Helping Money Make Money in Bulambuli, Uganda

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    people reached
  • £20k
    raised for local businesses
  • Science technology boom create millions new jobs decades brexit
  • Brexit could lead to massive IT job boom

BNP Paribas

Mapping Britain’s post-Brexit economy

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