Which brands shone during the Eclipse?

Third City lists the brands that shone strongest during the eclipse, and it became a tale tie of two biscuits

08.35am: So far it has been the tale of two biscuits. Oreos have gone big; a partnership with the Sun (chosen because of the newspapers apt name or target audience? Maybe a bit of both) that includes a fun and tactile cover wrap, an outdoor ad which mirrors the movement of the moon, and #OreoCookie as a promoted trend. A lot of budget has gone into this one. At the other end of the spectrum, Jaffa Cakes are getting a lot of love on Twitter, with the biscuits/cakes organically trending because of their old ‘total eclipse’ advert. Considering the last tweet from@RealJaffaCakes was a week ago (at the time of writing), it looks like they’ve accidentally stumbled into this one.

09.02am: Still on the food theme, Just Eat has a promoted Vine depicting a giant pizza blocking out the sun

While PizzaExpress and YO! Sushi opt for the simple image approach – the former posting an image of a pizza in the sky (again), and the latter encouraging people to ‘protect YO! eyes’ by holding up a couple of pieces of Maki (don’t try that at home). Innocent’s picture update is pretty fun


09.12am: Office debate: is it getting darker, or just cloudy?

09.33am: Shout out to Nintendo for an apt Twitter post that takes me back to my youth. Fifteen years ago The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was released for the N64, but this February was re-released for the 3DS. The game’s premise? You have to stop the end of the world, which will be brought about by a giant moon crashing to the earth!


09.42am: Paddy Power are getting involved too, not quite as big as usual but typically cheeky.

Paddy Power

09.55am: Everyone’s going for it now, even Chester Zoo! Cool picture of a Jaguar though, even if a little tenuous

Chester Zoo

10.00am: Quite funny from Amazon, and a good call to find a hook to a product they’re selling, even if it is hideous…


Wrap up: It was the Oreo show; they put a lot of budget behind a campaign to really own the eclipse, and achieved their goal. Jaffa Cakes got lucky, but it only goes to prove the value of memorable marketing, it delivers well beyond its own shelf life. A few other nice ideas here and there, but the biscuits outshone all others.