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The nation’s diversity revealed over breakfast


The REAL full English breakfast

Third City and Ancestry DNA reimagined the classic full English breakfast, using our genetic makeup as inspiration.

The full English breakfast is a national staple, so what better way to challenge people’s perception of their own identity than to reimagine the breakfast classic based on the DNA breakdown of a typical English person.

Working with Masterchef finalist 2017, Steve Keilty we gave the traditional ingredients a new, diverse interpretation. British pork sausages remained, but Steve introduced Irish potato farls, Iberian pork belly, and French cassoulet beans (see below).

AncestryDNA - Full English Breakfast Low res - Infographic FINAL

The REAL full English, based on the average DNA breakdown of a modern day English person represented the evolving DNA diversity of England, spanning thousands of years and 26 global regions. With the typical English person only having 37.4% DNA from Great Britain, this means that the ‘full works’ has become a cultural melting pot

Photographed and cooked in a traditional British café, the breakfast was cooked for journalists and appeared on MailOnline and The Sun.