The (Cereal) Killer Question

If you’re not prepared for what could go wrong – even when doing something as innocuous as opening a cereal café – you could end up with some incredibly bad press, Third City Senior Consultant Henry Warrington explains


Twins Gary and Alan Keery

Case in point is the interview with one of the owners of the Cereal Killer Café on Channel 4 News. How did the interviewee deal with the killer question about justifying selling a bowl of cereal for £3 in one of London’s poorest areas, where one in every two children are living in poverty? Not very well.

What can they do to help rectify this? Well they’ve gone very quiet on Twitter and Facebook, with not a single post since the incident. That’s not a great sign. Here, holding up their hands, acknowledging a degree of innocent ignorance, and making a meaningful gesture towards the local community would go a long way.

There’s no use crying over spilt milk, but you can at least clean up the mess.