BNP Paribas

Mapping Britain’s post-Brexit economy

Brexit has left thousands of businesses uncertain about their futures. To cut through the confusion, BNP Paribas wanted to show how their long-term business strategy could provide clarity to affected industries, with a particular focus on sustainability and carbon reduction.

impressions among key influencers
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Hope on the horizon

Working with the bank and research house Cebr to develop the BNP Paribas Market Leaders Report, we modelled 16 ONS economic sectors 20 years into the future. Our forecast found that the science, tech and healthcare sector is set to power the UK’s post-Brexit growth, more than doubling in size by 2030 to a value of £560bn. Additionally, it predicted UK GDP would return to growth after three years, assuming a managed Brexit.

Reaching the right people

Parallel to the headline-hitting coverage in the broadsheets and hyper-targeted trade coverage, the digital campaign focused on reaching key decision makers and thought leaders in BNP Paribas’ principal sectors with bespoke sector-led content. Two thirds of the 45,000 impressions delivered belonged to director or senior level executives.

Science technology boom create millions new jobs decades brexit
Brexit could lead to massive IT job boom

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