We believe that the future of business lies in the ability to balance profit with purpose and we’ve rewired our agency to help clients and suppliers recognise this.

It means we consider a business’s whole stakeholder ecosystem – staff, investors, partners,

the wider community – to deliver truly meaningful communications. We apply this to our clients and suppliers but crucially we also apply it to ourselves.

We make sure we balance our purpose and profit and consider the impact of our decisions on our team, our clients, our community and the environment.

– We are committed to reducing our environment impact across our operations

– We have set ourselves ambitious targets to be reached by 2021 – our targets cover waste, carbon emissions and water

– We commit that 25% of our turnover is dedicated to purpose led PR. This includes socially responsible work for clients as well as charity activity

– We also set aside 5% of billable hours for pro bono work

– We’re committed to working with more diverse and local suppliers that share our vision in reducing their impact on the environment

– We’re committed to paying interns a real living wage based on the true cost of living

– We’re committed to being an inclusive employer

– We’re committed to treating all employees and job applicants equally and fairly and not to discriminate unlawfully against them. This includes arrangements for unbiased recruitment, selection and supply chains, training, promotion and career progression, internal and external communications, general working arrangements and ensuring and upholding appropriate behaviour

– We take our own and our client’s privacy very seriously. We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company and on behalf of our clients.