Money Advice Service helps consumers Survive January

Many UK adults encounter money troubles in January as the expense of the Christmas period really takes its toll

As a result, surviving financially during the month is a struggle for more than one in four adults. This festive outlay, coupled with the fact that many workers (44%) were paid early in December, means that more than 13million people had a longer wait until payday.

This month we released #SurviveJanuary – a simple kit to get you through January – with Money Advice Service. The kit shows you how to stop wasting hundreds on food, how to find money you didn’t know you had, and other ways to stretch your money until payday.

It was launched on Good Morning Britain, and the campaign featured in national titles including The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and The Metro.

By teaming up with well known bloggers – such as Thrifty Lesley – the campaign provided people with checklists for January, budget planners and recipe cards. It also offered some real advice from the experts on how to sell things successfully online as well as how to save money with some very small changes.

The campaign has proven to be popular, with downloads of the MAS January toolkit hitting high figures – as well as the YouTube videos collectively receiving over a million views in their first few weeks.