Getting James Ellington back on his feet

James Ellington has faced many challenges throughout his athletics career, including overcoming serious sports injuries, and securing himself a sponsor when his Olympic funding was cut back in 2012.

His biggest challenge yet came in January 2017 when he was involved in a head-on collision with a car during a warm-weather training camp in Tenerife. The impact smashed his pelvis apart, broke his tibia and fibula and fractured his eye socket.

The timing could not have been worse. Tipped for a medal at the World Championships this year and running a wind-assisted sub ten 100m, James was in the midst of career high.

After being flown back to hospital in England, he was wheelchair bound, with specialists telling him that he would need at least three months in the chair and doubting that he would ever compete again.

Forever a fighter, James was out of his wheelchair and back on his feet in just five weeks.  To mark this milestone, we organized a media tour in London where James discussed his recovery, rehab plans and the ultimate goal of getting back on the track.

The story secured the front page of the Guardian and Telegraph sports sections as well as an in depth feature on the Mail Online. The Press Association also covered the story, as did Talk Sport radio.