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Driving pre-registrations to a new way of working with cryptocurrency

London Block Exchange

Making cryptocurrency mainstream

Cryptocurrency comes of age as Founder and CEO Benjamin Dives launches the London Block Exchange and its new Dragoncard which allows you to instantly buy goods using cryptocurrency. CRYPTOCASH COMES OF AGE: NEW CRYPTO CARD & EXCHANGE TO LAUNCH FOR LONDON MARKET UK consumers will soon be able to spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in their local supermarket with a unique new cryptocurrency card. The card is powered by a new cryptocurrency exchange – The London Block Exchange (LBX) – based in London and dedicated to the UK market. It is the first to offer Sterling to Crypto exchange across a broad range of digital currencies. The platform will enable private and institutional investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using an intuitive and simple smartphone app and trading interface. Users will also be able to use a linked Visa card to spend crypto anywhere that card payments are accepted. The LBX Dragoncard will be able to immediately perform a trade on the exchange and convert cryptocurrency into traditional funds in order to instantly purchase goods. “If a shop accepts Visa, it now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple,” said LBX Founder and CEO Benjamin Dives. He said that the opening of a London exchange was a response to growing demand from consumers and institutions crying out for a professional and secure exchange. “Despite being the financial capital of the world, London is a difficult place for investors to enter and trade in the cryptocurrency market. We’ll bring it into the mainstream by removing the barriers to access, and by helping people understand and have confidence in what we believe is the future of money.” The exchange web site - - went live today for public pre-registrations, while institutional investors will be added by private invitation. The trading platform will operate with a select number of institutions until 4th December, when it will opened more widely to the public.

The opening of pre-registrations for London Block Exchange – the UK’s first multi-cryptocurrency exchange – might have been big news in the cryptocurrency community, but getting mainstream interest in a terrifically crowded market was a challenge that LBX set us, and we met.

Showing the exchange to be the UK’s first really ‘grown up’ and trustworthy service was key to differentiate the LBX brand; as well as leading on the company’s proprietary offerings such as a payment card and a ‘college of crypto’ to educate new members.

We followed up this launch with the release of compelling research into millennial appetite for crypto, which was picked up at home and around the world with equal interest. It demonstrated that by the end of 2018, millennials would be more likely to hold cryptocurrency than a range of traditional investments such as shares, bonds and property.

The pre-launch and subsequent research secured coverage across Telegraph, Express, Independent, City AM, This is Money, The Mail on Sunday, International Business Times, Engadget and Business Insider – among plenty of other titles.

The publicity drove over 5,000 pre-registrations, many thousands more social conversations and placed LBX CEO Benjamin Dives right up there as one of the top cryptocurrency commentators in the UK.

Campaign drove 5,000 pre-registrations


Coverage across six national newspapers including Telegraph, City AM