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Taking hostelling to a new audience through some amazing guests


'Youth Hostelling With...'

A quiet revolution has happened over the past decade, with the modern hostel having all the style and facilities you’d expect from a hotel at a fraction of the cost. Despite this, a stigma prevails around security, privacy, cleanliness and the amenities on offer. Third City was challenged by leading hostel-booking service Hostelworld to shift these perceptions.

Our strategy centres on aligning the brand with the concept of social travel as insight proves that Hostelworld’s millennial customers crave authentic travel experiences not souvenirs. To that end we showcase the ready-made community of like-minded people you can meet and the amazing places you can stay in when hostelling.

As well as running a highly productive press office, we work collaboratively with Hostelworld’s ad agency to promote a bold content-led series of campaigns that occupy the space between editorial and paid-for. Reacting to the news agenda, we place amazing people in even more amazing hostels. When Chris Eubank said he still didn’t understand the ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’ joke from Alan Partridge, we made the show actually happen. Most recently, Charlie Sheen has helped to show that bad reputations aren’t always justified.

Our media relations work has generated more than 900 pieces of coverage internationally so far this year.