Unveiling the world's first digital piggy wallet

It’s common knowledge, when it comes to money skills, we’re not educating our kids as best we could, especially around the world of digital money.

That’s where Pigzbe comes in. It pairs a physical device with an app that turns gifting and saving into a game, while allowing families to transfer as little as 1p between one another globally, and within seconds.

As the visionaries running Pigzbe wanted to attract investor attention prior to its June ICO, we crafted a campaign that both explained the concept succinctly and detailed the wealth of expertise on board (what investors really care about).

Coverage really embellished the personalities behind the brand, including Pigzbe’s founder Filippo Jacob – Forbes 30 under 30 and creator of the kids coding toy Cubetto – and chief experience officer Jon Marshall – of Kano renown.

Co-ordinating a release across the UK, USA and Japan, we secured more than 100 articles, including crucial tech, design and crypto titles such as Wired, Quartz, Dezeen, Bitcoinst and newsBTC.

The story twice trended on crypto news aggregator Cryptopanic.com and in mid May the first stage pre-sales sold out within days.

"An adorable cryptocurrency hardware wallet and interactive app." - Vice

More than 100 titles covered the unveiling

First stage pre-sales sold out in days