Halting another unfair tax hike

Most people have never heard of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) – a tax which is payable on all motor, home, health and pet insurance policies. Yet the government had doubled it in less than two years, passing on the cost burden to millions of households. And another increase was mooted for Budget Day. To highlight the unfairness, we partnered with the ABI to build a swell of anti-IPT support, and persuade the chancellor to halt the hike.

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In a short hidden camera-style film, people were shown getting fined by a bureaucratic jobsworth for acting responsibly in everyday scenarios. Drumming home the ridiculous nature of the tax, the film was pushed out in the lead up to the Budget through paid and organic social, seeding among influencers and industry partners, and media relations. A Guido Fawkes collaboration reached the political elite and MP briefings were hosted, to demonstrate the volume of anti-IPT sentiment.

“For once, I side with the insurance industry”

The film was met with equal parts laughter and disbelief. Industry heavyweight Jeff Prestridge described the campaign as “the best thing the association has produced in many a year”, which helped build positive sentiment towards the industry. And key media highlights included The Mirror, Independent, The Sun and Mail Online. On Budget Day, no further IPT rise was announced.


  • Winner Insurance Communications, PRCA City & Financial Awards 2019
  • Winner Social Media Campaign, PRCA City & Financial Awards 2019
  • Winner Corporate Campaign, PRCA Excellence Awards 2018
  • Winner Trade Body Campaign, PRCA Public Affairs 2018
  • Finalist Social Media Campaign, PRCA City & Financial Awards 2019
  • Finalist Social Media Campaign, PRCA City & Financial Awards 2019
  • Finalist Public Affairs Campaign, PR Moment Awards 2018
Have you heard of this tax? It costs you £200 a year and will soon raise more than inheritance tax
Insurers fire shot across Treasury’s bows, urging chancellor Hammond not to hike insurance premium tax again
This tax is ‘toxic’

“The best thing the Association has produced in many a year.”

Jeff Prestridge, personal finance expert

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