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Political strife was on the cards ahead of General Election 2015, but that made for a great campaign for MOO


Game of Seats

When you play the Game of Seats, you win or lose… the general election


House of Cameron

April 2015 presented two significant hijack opportunities in UK media – the run up to the General Election and the premiere of a new season of Game of Thrones.

We teamed up with graphic designer Stacie Snoddon to create a double-hijack for online print and design company MOO – by reimagining each of the leaders of the seven major political parties as if they were houses in Game of Thrones ahead of General Election 2015.

Whether you were raising your banners for House Cameron, who like the Lannisters ‘always pay their debts’, or perhaps the ‘Queen Beyond the Wall’ of House Sturgeon, there was a MOO flyer for you.

As well as publicising MOO’s new range of flyers, the campaign served to highlight the importance of great design in helping you and your business truly stand out – even if you are the Mother of Dragons.

Coverage in The Independent and The Guardian as well as a host of other titles brought the campaign reach to nearly 200 million, and the story was the top trend on The Independent’s i100 website too.

3.6K Facebook shares and 500 retweets

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Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and Liberal Democrats backing

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Top trend on The Independent’s i100 website

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