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Challenging gender stereotypes about finance

Starling Bank

Making Money Equal with Starling Bank

Starling Bank is on a mission to #MakeMoneyEqual – campaigning for equality of gender representation in the media. To bring this to life, we decided to tackle directly how women are portrayed visually when it comes to finance.

Working with Brunel University, we analysed a vast swathe of popular stock photography, used to accompany articles in online and print media, that relate to women and finance.

It showed clear issues, not least that women are portrayed as naive, childlike and inept when it comes to cash. But we didn’t just want to highlight the problem, but go be part of the solution.

To do this we worked with Lensi photography to create an image library of better pictures, building on learnings from the study. These images have been offered completely licence free to media and companies across the nation.

Photography by Lensi Photography / Starling Bank

So far the reception from the media has been fantastic. It’s been warmly welcomed by  key journalists from the Independent, Telegraph, and Altfi (among others). Picture editors have applauded the move and lifestyle journalists are readying their write-ups as we speak. Social has been abuzz with agreement and good wishes.

We hope it can make a real difference and will look to keep up the momentum on this important issue as we continue our great work with Britain’s Best Bank.