Association of British Insurers

#IPTsUnfair - putting a stop to another tax hike

Most people have never heard of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) – a tax which is payable on all motor, home, health and pet insurance policies.

Yet the government had doubled it in less than two years, passing on the cost burden to millions of households, and another hike was mooted for Budget Day 2017.

ABI enlisted Third City’s help to highlight the unfair nature of the tax. The objective was to build a swell of anti-IPT support among influencers, industry and the public, and persuade the chancellor to halt another increase on 22 November 2017.

#IPTsUnfair centred on a short hidden-camera style film which played on everyday scenarios where people act responsibly, to drum home the ridiculous nature of the tax.

We created the ‘tax official’, a jobsworth bureaucrat, set him loose on the ‘public’ and filmed people’s disbelief of being fined for locking up their homes, picking up dog poo or stopping for a pedestrian at a zebra crossing.

The film was pushed out in the lead up to the Budget through paid and organic social, seeding among influencers and industry partners, and media relations.

We delivered 1.5m views over the 2-week campaign period, equating to a cost per view of just 0.3p. Coverage was achieved across a range of media including Guardian, City AM and Independent, with comment from industry heavyweight Jeff Prestridge who described the campaign as “the best thing the association has produced in a many a year” adding: “For once, I side with the insurance industry.”

Most importantly, no further IPT rise was announced on Budget Day.

1.5m video views, equating to a cost per view of just 0.3p

“The best thing the Association has produced in many a year.”

Jeff Prestridge, personal finance expert

Shared by influencers including Paul Waugh, Political Editor, Huffington Post