In a nutshell

We set Expedia’s biggest fans the #My139 challenge to demonstrate the difference between ‘one size fits all’ package holidays and the experience-rich, personalised getaways Expedia can offer



Package holiday deals get a bad rap. They are synonymous with the horror holiday headlines that were the staple of our newspapers in the 80s and 90s, and have been perceived to be unsophisticated, downmarket experiences.

Our task was to differentiate Expedia’s dynamic hotel + flight packages, showing how you can not only save money (an average of £139 per person) but also have greater flexibility about when and where you go. We worked with some of the most influential people in travel such as Fun For Louis, The Budget Traveller and The Londoner to share their ultimate travel experiences costing £139 or less, and inspire would-be explorers to do the same with #My139.

By co-creating content with our influencers, we were able to reach an audience of 4.5 million people while a dedicated microsite used a bespoke monitoring tool to create a constant feed of travel stories and images from globetrotters around the world using the #My139 hashtag.

More than 1,000 people entered the #My139 challenge in just of five weeks. A total reach of 860,000 and 9.82 million impressions. A single Instagram post from one Expedia blogger generated of a massive 1.29 million views and 57,200 likes, while original video content allowed the bloggers to explore their own take on #My139.

1,000 entries
860,000 reach
9.82 million impressions

Competition results