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Our #IamStela campaign with One Water gave a serious issue its due headlines

One Water

I Am Stela

Clean water is a right and we should all have it. Bringing Stela’s story and the One Water message to the British public was something we were particularly proud to do


Stela is a 12-year-old girl who lives in Turkana, Kenya. A clean water project funded by our client One means that she doesn’t have to walk for hours to collect water and is able to attend school.

We brought Stela’s story to the nation with a major campaign, #IamStela, inviting people to put themselves in Stela’s place and tell people about it.

To launch the campaign, we secured for free the services of leading celebrities including Simon Pegg, Peter Capaldi, Nell McAndrew, Tony Robinson, Ranulph Fiennes, Claudia Winkleman and Claire Goose, who starred in a short film saying the words ‘I am Stela’, bringing Stela’s story to the world.

A Thunderclap – a mass social media ‘shout out’ featuring the film – was set-up to launch the campaign, with Third City signing up supporters with a total reach of more than 3.2 million, including many well-known tweeters.

Within hours of the Thunderclap, the video had achieved more nearly 20,000 views and hundreds of pledges to support Stela and One.

20,000 video views

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