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Cracking actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s ancestral code was no enigma for Third City and Ancestry


Hijacking The Imitation Game

Hijacking the much-anticipated release of ‘The Imitation Game’, we were able to confirm that actor Benedict Cumberbatch was related to revolutionary code breaker Alan Turing, whom he portrayed in the film.

The 2014 release of biographical thriller ‘The Imitation Game’ presented us and leading family history website Ancestry with the perfect opportunity to delve into the family tree of Benedict Cumberbatch and investigate a potential connection between the actor and celebrated code breaker Alan Turing, whom he portrayed in the film.

After tracing the actor’s family tree back 18 generations, they cracked Cumberbatch’s ancestral cipher and revealed that both men shared a common ancestor in John Beaufort, The Earl of Somerset, making them 17x cousins on Cumberbatch’s paternal side.

Inspiring millions of people to research their own family history, coverage highlights included The Independent, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. The story was also well received internationally, featuring on ABC News – where Cumberbatch himself commented on the findings.