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Bringing data to life can be a challenge for some but not for Third City's Ancestry Team, who made big news as they revealed the State of DNAtion


DNA of the Nation Uncovered

When Third City analysed Ancestry data to reveal the DNA profile of the average Brit, the results caused a stir

Ancestry launched AncestryDNA just over a year ago and we’ve been busy making some noise about this amazing service, which can reveal where your ancestors came from, as well as matching you with living relatives.

Ancestry had a wealth of amazing data about our ethnicities by country and region. Third City processed that DNA data to reveal the average profile for people living in the UK – and the results showed that our British ethnicity isn’t as simple as some might think.

The average UK resident is 36.94% British, 21.59% Irish and 19.91% Western European (French/German). People in Yorkshire had the highest proportion of Anglo-Saxon (British) DNA, while those in the East Midlands were the most Scandinavian.


The campaign appeared in every single national newspaper when it launched, and the story was also mentioned on Radio 4’s Today programme, with Ancestry’s spokesperson Brad Argent appearing on Sky News later in the day.

You can read more about it here, herehere or on the Mail Online, where the above graphic came from, if you want to see how we brought the data to life in the news.

What’s more, on the launch day alone, sales of DNA kits reached an eight-day high, and there was a spike in website sign-ups too – all attributable to one PR campaign making owned data work hard.

30 pieces including every national newspaper